Not all classes listed here are currently running. See ‘Daily Class Schedule’ page for a listing of current class offerings

Healing Yoga
This balanced practice begins with mindful, gentle movement and eases into longer held, supported yin and restorative postures. Guided breathwork and meditation techniques are offered to release tension in the body and mind and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Open to all levels, including beginners and those with movement limitations.

Pilates off the Wall
This 50 minute class combines traditional pilates mat exercises to lengthen and strengthen the body while improving posture. It includes bands suspended from the wall to mimic exercises used on the Reformer and Cadillac to provide both upper and lower body resistance training. Class also incorporates traditional Pilates props as rings, balls and bands. Start your day right!

Defying Gravity
Ever wonder what those poles were for?  
Unweight your spine and body! DG uses suspension to unweight the body allowing for free and full motions that defy gravity, elongate the spine, and ease compression on joints.  The class begins with flow elements from yoga and pilates then moves into suspension and traction to open joints and create length throughout the body.  Move with more ease and leave feeling lighter and taller.  

Yoga All Levels: Building upon the fundamentals, this level emphasizes standing poses and introduces simple back bends. Appropriate for continuing beginners. Instruction in the fundamentals of yoga including mindfulness, principles of alignment, and breath awareness. Variations on classical poses are given to accommodate for individual needs.

Gentle Yoga:  This softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well supported, relaxing practice is perfect for beginners, people with movement limitations, profound stiffness and many chronic conditions such as arthritis.
The benefits of this slow, deeply relaxing gradual approach will relieve stress, build resilience, and leave you safely stretched, rejuvenated and calm

Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa yoga combines sun salutations with asana practice. The strengthening of the upper body is encouraged, yet optional. Vinyasa practice is a flowing practice, therefore creating a Yoga workout. Good for beginners and intermediate alike.

Yoga 101: We explore the fundamentals of yoga philosophy and the basics of pose alignment, breathwork and meditation. Each week’s class builds on the last so you can develop your own practice. Expect a slow flow of yoga asanas (poses) at a mindful pace, allowing you to sync breath and movement with deeper awareness. Perfect for continuing beginners or anyone who wants a foundation refresher.

Yoga Flow: These classes aim is to increase the bodies strength and flexibility. Modern Vinyasa Yoga often is very fast and therefore students can be prone to injuries. Here we slow down the flow and work on right alignment to practice safely, yet benefit from Vinyasa’s idea of flowing from one pose to the next.

Prenatal Yoga: This class is specifically designed for the pregnant body. By linking yoga postures with the breath will help bring awareness to the mind, body and spirit of your baby. The postures we move through will help alleviate common aches and pain brought on through the ever changing body and will help prepare the body for labor and delivery. The program will help strengthen the uterus and pelvic floor muscles, increase circulation, aid in digestion and increase overall comfort. Come together with other expecting mothers in a community environment and experience the beauty of prenatal yoga. (This class is not currently running on the schedule.)

Intermediate Yoga: Intermediate level practices including back bends, inversions, and pranayama are taught.

Kripalu Yoga All Levels: This class is open to all levels and is very welcoming. We will focus on the mindfulness of yoga. After centering through the breath, we will begin with easy, gentle stretching and move into our sequence of poses. You will be encouraged to experience your own level of movement within the pose. You will find strength, flexibility, and ease as you allow yoga to move through you from the inside out. Each class ends with a period of total relaxation to allow your practice to settle within you.

Pilates for Back Health and Osteoporosis:  We have especially designed this Pilates class for those who want to improve balance, lower body and core strength and enhance their movement awareness but who also may have restrictions for spinal movement.  Participants  perform fascia based training warm-ups, balance exercises, standing strength work and modified Pilates repertoire for a complete workout.  Pilates props and foam rolls are often used.

InfiniteDance: Is a practice of liberation through embodied movement. It is an expressive, ecstatic dance practice supporting playfulness, exploration and awareness of self. Dropping into what’s unfolding through our sensations in the dance opens us to new ways of moving, listening, and being alive. It is fun, engaging and empowering.
In an InfiniteDance session, we gather in the safe, supportive and beautiful space of BODYWORKS to reclaim, transform & express who we truly are. To dance consciously as individuals in community is to embody freedom, to be and become what we are already. It is a gateway for you to move into a deeper sense of yourself.  All Levels.
Everyone welcome • sliding scale- $10-$15.

Soul Motion Sunday Dance
Want to start your day with DANCE?
Soul♥︎Full Sunday Dance is a Soul Motion® inspired conscious dance practice. Dancers experience the teachings through their own creative expression. We will awaken energy, cultivate awareness, inspire creativity, explore and harmonize how we move, connect and relate in the world. No experience needed and there are no specific patterns of movement to follow. Just a willingness to show up and remain present to what is being danced through you.
We will move to a variety of music, allowing everything to move through us and encouraging our bodies to play with what is alive in the dance. Open to all levels of experience, there is no wrong way to move. We start with a warm up, an inquiry into movement, and then flow in to jam time, just having fun and moving however the body wants to move. The invitation is to cultivate your creative-form of expression, bring a curious spirit and a YES to deepening your connection with self, other, community and SOUL.

Music Together:  A fabulous way for children to learn the skills to become competent and comfortable music makers...It may seem funny to "teach" music to babies and young children, so let's think about how kids learn their native language. They're immersed in it! It's everywhere for them and they just kind of absorb it. Well, in our culture (unlike some others around the world) opportunities are not everywhere for young kids to be immersed in live music – and this is what Music Together is all about!

All-Levels Vinyasa Flow:  This class incorporates philosophy, movement, and breath into a soulful and dynamic flow that connects body, mind, and spirit. Build strength, flexibility, balance, and awareness as you engage in this breath-centered moving meditation.

$5  Friday at  5:30pm:  A Friday community class series at an affordable rate. Start your weekend right with this one hour Vinyasa Flow (see description above) class. It is appropriate for all levels.

Just Pause: Mindfulness and Meditation: Join Janet in the practice of paying attention to each moment as it arises. When we learn how to be more centered and focused in a kind, non-judgmental way, we are able to access our own inner peace and strength. Mindfulness and Meditation are powerful ways to improve health and well being on a physical, emotional and mental level and to be able to cope more effectively with both short and long term stressful situations. Gain a greater understanding of how thoughts in the mind directly affect one’s life experience. If you would like to stop worrying and obsessing, sleep better, improve your concentration, strengthen the immune system, build healing connections with family and friends, manage stress and find more joy, flow and appreciation for life, this class is for you. No experience needed, just a willingness and desire to incorporate what you learn into your daily life.


•Arrive a few minutes early.  New to class?  There is a short registration form to fill out before beginning.  Continuing student?  Please remember to sign in. Leave your shoes, coats, backpacks, food or water in the coat room. If you are late, enter quietly and give yourself a few moments to connect with your breath before moving into any poses the class may be doing. If you need to leave class early, situate yourself close to the exit so that you leave without disturbing others.

• Help us to help you. Inform your instructor of any discomfort, recent illness, accident or trauma so that we can adapt the practice to your needs.

• Wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Dressing in layers gives you the most options for comfort and for regulating the body’s temperature.

• Please do not use scented lotion, hairspray or perfume before coming to class. These can trigger allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to them.

• Remember to turn off your cell phone. 

When in doubt, breathe…