Workshops are listed in chronological order.

Soulful Sunday Dance with Alexandra Walker
Dates: 3/3, 3/17, 3/24, 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26 9:30-10:45am
 Cost – sliding scale $10-15 per session.

Want to start your day with DANCE? Join Alexandra Walker for Soulful Sunday Dance. Dance brings us fully into life – into relationship, onto the earth, and into the chaotic unfoldment of engaged purpose as the place where real freedom happens. Soulful Sunday Dance is a Soul Motion® inspired conscious dance practice.  We will move to a variety of music, allowing everything to move through us and encouraging our bodies to play with what is alive in the dance. Open to all levels of experience, there is no wrong way to move. Just show up with a curiosity to explore, follow inspiration and flow that comes from movement and from stillness. We start with a warm up, an enquiry into movement, and then flow in to jam time, just having fun and moving however the body wants to move. This is a family-friendly environment that is adult-focused. Children under 11 are invited to attend if they come prepared to dance with their attending adult. The invitation is to cultivate your creative-form of expression, bring a curious spirit and a YES to deepening your connection with self, other, community and SOUL. Price- sliding scale $10-15. 
For more information about Soul Motion visit or

Yoga Nidra with Cassandra Sullivan
2nd Sunday of the month
- March 10, 2019 4:00-5:00pm Cost - $15

Yoga Nidra is a conscious relaxation meditation practiced lying down in savasana or corpse pose. (Nidra means sleep in Sanskrit.) Through this guided meditation, we find relaxation by turning inwards, coming to a state between sleep and wakefulness, where we can release layers of inner tension. This allows for deep levels of healing to occur on the physical, mental, and emotional planes.

To register, visit or email

An Invitation to Pause: monthly mindfulness meditation group gatherings with Janet Archer
Wednesday March 20th 6:30-8:00pm
Cost - $25

**This group can be joined on a class by class basis. Registration is required before each class begins.

This monthly group class has grown out of the Mindfulness Meditation 21 day practice series. It is a chance for further practice and reminders of how to practice, why to practice and a chance to meet and learn from each other as we further explore living in the present moment and managing our crazy overactive minds! Please contact Janet Archer at for further information and registration.

NH Forests, Power & Grace Yoga Retreat with Chris Justice
Sunday, March 24 1:30-4:30 pm Cost $$45, or offer a donation to NH Forest Society in any amount

A yoga retreat to benefit the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Join the retreat, or give your support of any amount. Every penny we raise will go directly to the Forest Society. 
Power & Grace. Yoga offers both – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is an active retreat. Through easy to moderate poses, we will explore yoga technique and consider strength, patience, and acceptance in our practice. This is a time to settle into your pose for a deeper understanding and appreciation.
We will:
• Open with a warm-up flow sequence including sun and moon salutations
• Settle into holding familiar active poses to explore technique, patience, and subtle movement
• Spend time in restorative poses to explore deep releasing in joints and muscles
• Close with meditation and relaxation

Registration/Contact Info: or or 603-924-9147

Azul Conscious Dance with Alex Walker and Marli Thibodeau
Sunday March 31st 2019 9:30am - 12:30 Cost: Early bird $35 • After March 10th $45

Imagine the possibility of allowing life to be as it is.
Imagine resting in this fluidity, knowing that you can meet all of life’s challenges and opportunities.
Imagine that this connects you to the physical experience of your aliveness.
In Azul we work with 4 orientations: Listening, Opening, Allowing and Moving Towards. In this workshop, we explore ALLOWING.
What is Azul? Azul is both a free form conscious movement practice and a path of personal transformation. It is a practice that supports the awakening of consciousness and as we transform ourselves we create the conditions for our world to transform.
Azul harnesses the body’s intelligence to facilitate inner healing and evolution, it utilizes movement combined with a psycho-spiritual approach as a vehicle for exploration.
Join us for this special 3 hr workshop. Open to everyone who would like to cultivate more presence and feel more alive. No experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle and a journal.

For more information & videos about Azul:
To sign up please email Alex Walker:

 Full Moon Gong Immersion with Alex Walker
Friday April 19th 2019 7:00 - 8:00pm Cost - $10