Workshops are listed in chronological order.

Prenatal Yoga 6 Week Workshop with Jill McLean
Saturdays, 4:00 - 5:15pm  Cost $65
New session starts Oct. 6th!

This class is specifically designed for the pregnant body. By linking yoga postures with the breath will help bring awareness to the mind, body and spirit of your baby. The postures we move through will help alleviate common aches and pain brought on through the ever changing body and will help prepare the body for labor and delivery. The program will help strengthen the uterus and pelvic floor muscles, increase circulation, aid in digestion and increase overall comfort. Come together with other expecting mothers in a community environment and experience the beauty of prenatal yoga.

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Soulful Sunday Dance with Alexandra Walker
Nov. 11th, 18th, 25th and Dec. 2nd, 9th, and 16th 9:30-10:45am
 Cost – sliding scale $10-15 per session.

Want to start your day with DANCE? Join Alexandra Walker for Soulful Sunday Dance November 12th, 26th & December 3rd, 10th at 9:30-10:45am. Dance brings us fully into life – into relationship, onto the earth, and into the chaotic unfoldment of engaged purpose as the place where real freedom happens. Soulful Sunday Dance is a Soul Motion® inspired conscious dance practice.  We will move to a variety of music, allowing everything to move through us and encouraging our bodies to play with what is alive in the dance. Open to all levels of experience, there is no wrong way to move. Just show up with a curiosity to explore, follow inspiration and flow that comes from movement and from stillness. We start with a warm up, an enquiry into movement, and then flow in to jam time, just having fun and moving however the body wants to move. This is a family-friendly environment that is adult-focused. Children under 11 are invited to attend if they come prepared to dance with their attending adult. The invitation is to cultivate your creative-form of expression, bring a curious spirit and a YES to deepening your connection with self, other, community and SOUL. Price- sliding scale $10-15. 
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 Infinite Dance  with Alexandra Walker
August 31st   Cost - $10-15 sliding scale

InfiniteDance Is a practice of liberation through embodied movement. It is an expressive, ecstatic dance practice supporting playfulness, exploration and awareness of self. Dropping into what’s unfolding through our sensations in the dance opens us to new ways of moving, listening, and being alive. It is fun, engaging and empowering.
In an InfiniteDance session, we gather in the safe, supportive and beautiful space of BODYWORKS to reclaim, transform & express who we truly are. To dance consciously as individuals in community is to embody freedom, to be and become what we are already. It is a gateway for you to move into a deeper sense of yourself.  All Levels.
Everyone welcome • sliding scale- $10-$15.

 Yoga Nidra with Cassandra Sullivan
2nd Sunday of the month - 9/9, 10/14, 11/11, and 12/9 4:00-5:00pm Cost - $15

Yoga Nidra is a conscious relaxation meditation practiced lying down in savasana or corpse pose. (Nidra means sleep in Sanskrit.) Through this guided meditation, we find relaxation by turning inwards, coming to a state between sleep and wakefulness, where we can release layers of inner tension. This allows for deep levels of healing to occur on the physical, mental, and emotional planes.

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BELLY DANCE WORKSHOP - All levels class with Neely Cohen
Wednesday, September 19th  6:30-8pm Cost - $20

Traditionally performed for women by women in ancient fertility ceremonies, Middle Eastern belly dance intends to strengthen and honor the female body. In this workshop, we'll practice the fundamentals of the world’s oldest dance: shimmies, figure eights, snake arms, hip circles, and more... in a playful and encouraging environment!
Absolutely no experience is necessary and all are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a coin skirt or scarf to tie around your hips. We will dance barefoot.

For more information or to register, contact Neely at

Beginner Series Yoga with Marilyn
Mondays, 7:30 - 8:30am - 6 week series runs 10/1 through 11/5 Cost - $50

Rise with the sun and start the day shining!
Have you wanted to try yoga, and didn’t know where to begin? Or stepped into a gentle yoga class and discovered you wanted more guidance? This series will introduce you to the basics of yoga philosophy and practice. You’ll be invited to gently explore breath with movement in ways that fit your own body. Bring your curiosity. Tune in, stretch out, inhale, exhale, begin.

Pre-registration is required. For more information or to register, contact:

Harmonics of Sound: Wrangling the Saboteur with Alexandra Walker Sarah Aborn Marybeth Hallinan
Saturday, October 13, 2018  2:00 - 5:00pm   Cost - $45

We all have one, our very own...not so friendly... SABOTEUR. It takes many forms and often is referred to as a harsh inner critic. It inflicts doubt and self-judgement, largely subconsciously, and is rooted in fear. It's intention may actually be positive, which we will explore, but it's methods are outdated and just as you update your phone and computer, we absolutely must upgrade our belief systems.
The Saboteur is a force to be reckoned with and in this dynamic workshop we will explore that which blocks us from unapologetically living in our LIGHT, and consequently, from living the life or our dreams. You are the only one holding you back.

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Mindfulness Meditation with Janet Archer
Wednesdays, October 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st 6:30-8:00pm Cost $100

In this 4 week series you will learn and practice techniques and skills that you can apply right away to invite more clarity, ease and joy into your life.You will receive a few guided meditations, readings, exercises and many resources to help you on your way. Experience the benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice while receiving personalized attention for your own unique life situation. 
This class can be taken as a refresher or is suited for someone brand new to the practice. 
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Power & Grace Yoga Retreat with Chris Justice
Sunday, October 21, 2018  1:30-4:30pm Cost - $45

Power & Grace. Yoga offers both – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is an active retreat in which we will explore technique, strength, patience, and acceptance. Opening with a warm-up flow sequence, we will then enter into a series of long-held poses to explore the subtleties of technique and movement, and to allow deep releasing. I might offer you hands-on assists and encourage you to listen deeply to what your body asks. The retreat closes with a 30-minute meditation and relaxation.
You will enjoy this retreat most if you have experienced moderate yoga, giving you the strength and confidence to explore.
Registration Required, contact Chris at

Chakra Exploration Yoga Retreat with Chris Justice
Sunday, November 18, 2018 1:30-4:30pm Cost: $45

Chakras are energy centers within the body that help regulate our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual processes.
Through exploration of these energy centers we begin to ask, feel, and understand what motivates our thinking. We consider the internal forces that influence our actions, and learn how we can work with them and how to bring them into balance.
We will use discussion, meditation, and movement in our afternoon together. You will gain tools for knowing yourself, and deepening your yoga practice. Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary.
Registration Required, contact Chris at

Deep Peace Restorative Yoga Retreat with Chris Justice
Sunday, December 16, 2018 1:30-4:30pm Cost: $45

This Deep Peace Restorative Retreat is a time for Coming Home. Coming Home means finding your authentic self. It means being in touch with a place inside that is beyond the reach of anything, or anyone. It is beyond language, beyond thought. There is no judgment, no striving, no ambition, and no despair. It is a place of simply being. And when you touch it, you know it is good. You know it is what you are.
It is from this place that the best of you emerges. And in this place spirit lies. From this place, you touch what is real. It is intensely personal, and it is universal. During this retreat you will experience gentle stretching, restorative yoga poses, and guided meditation. I invite you to this practice of coming home.
Everyone is welcome – no experience is necessary. You will leave relaxed and refreshed. This is guaranteed.
Registration Required, contact Chris at