Workshops are listed in chronological order.

Mindfulness Meditation  21 day Practice Series with Janet Archer   
Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm, May 2nd - May 23rd Cost - $100

In this 4 week series you will learn and practice techniques and skills that you can apply right away to invite more clarity, ease and joy into your life.You will receive a few guided meditations, readings, exercises and many resources to help you on your way. Experience the benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice while receiving personalized attention for your own unique life situation. 
This class can be taken as a refresher or is suited for someone brand new to the practice. 
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Soulful Sunday Dance  with Alexandra Walker
 April 15th, June 17 & 24 July 1 & 8 Cost - $10-15 sliding scale

Want to start your day with DANCE? 
Through dance we can connect with the great Dance of Life around us and we can use this discipline to create a conscious relationship with the universe in which we are immersed in.  Dance brings us fully into life – into relationship, onto the earth, and into the chaotic unfolding of engaged purpose as the place where real freedom happens. Soul♥︎Full Sunday Dance is a Soul Motion® inspired conscious dance practice.  We will move to a variety of music, allowing everything to move through us and encouraging our bodies to play with what is alive in the dance. Open to all levels of experience, there is no wrong way to move. Just show up with a curiosity to explore, follow inspiration and flow that comes from movement and from stillness. We start with a warm up, an inquiry into movement, and then flow in to jam time, just having fun and moving however the body wants to move. This is a family-friendly environment that is adult-focused. Children under 11 are invited to attend if they come prepared to dance with their attending adult. The invitation is to cultivate your creative-form of expression, bring a curious spirit and a YES to deepening your connection with self, other, community and SOUL.  

 Infinite Dance  with Alexandra Walker
 April 27th, June 29th, August 31st   Cost - $10-15 sliding scale

InfiniteDance Is a practice of liberation through embodied movement. It is an expressive, ecstatic dance practice supporting playfulness, exploration and awareness of self. Dropping into what’s unfolding through our sensations in the dance opens us to new ways of moving, listening, and being alive. It is fun, engaging and empowering.
In an InfiniteDance session, we gather in the safe, supportive and beautiful space of BODYWORKS to reclaim, transform & express who we truly are. To dance consciously as individuals in community is to embody freedom, to be and become what we are already. It is a gateway for you to move into a deeper sense of yourself.  All Levels.
Everyone welcome • sliding scale- $10-$15.

Mother's Day Special Candlelight Restorative Yoga with Janet Archer
Friday, May 11 6:30-8:30pm Cost $35

Come surrender to nurturing stillness and quiet as you experience the bliss of deep release in both the body and the mind.  With the aid and support of props,  bodily tension magically drains away and the mind begins to relax and unravel; soothing the nervous system and leaving you feeling nourished, balanced and deliciously, deeply rested. This class is open to all levels, sizes and ages. If you have been wishing for a vacation away from it all, this is for you. Step out of your fast paced world and drop into an afternoon of restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation.
Registration Required.  For more information and to register contact Janet HERE.

Harmonics of Soul & Spirit with Alexandra Walker Sarah Aborn Marybeth Hallinan
Sunday,  June 17th   4:00 - 6:00pm Cost - $25

Vocalization + Motion + Visualization = Manifestation

Marybeth Hallinan, Alexandra Walker & Sarah Aborn invite you to this unique and collaborative workshop. We rediscover our passions, our strengths and our healing abilities using our bodies. Marybeth leads us on an exploration of our fundamental harmonic: uncovering our own unique voice. Alex encourages people to move beyond their held patterns, discover themselves and their gifts through movement. Sarah brings the event to a close with a guided meditation and journaling exercise for integration.
Our brains become hard wired by the thought patterns that run in a steady stream, often in the form of a harsh inner critic.  Through patient awareness, conscious breathing and re-direction of those thoughts we can begin to carve new neural pathways that support our vision and our soul resonance on a much higher frequency. We can reconnect to our essence, our inner and divine nature, thus recommitting ourselves to our true calling.
Tap into the wisdom of your body with voice, dance and meditation!

To register, email Alex at