Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy new year!  We have so much planned for the upcoming year! Whether you want to get your healthy eating on track, work on back pain, or adopt a regular mediation practice, we have something for you.

January features a cleanse with Ruth Clark.  A free session about cleansing is scheduled on January 11th with a 3 week cleanse to follow.  Detox the body and get back to healthy eating.

Sage is doing a second Rest and Write workshop on January 8th.  The workshop starts with a restorative session and then takes you to pen and paper into the world of Gateless Writing.  Find out more on our workshop page.

MELT returns to the studio.  January 21st Linda Owoc, PT is here doing a MELT workshop for back pain and pelvic core stability.  Her workshops have sold out in the past, sign up soon to get an early bird discount, which expires on January 1st.

Janet's popular restorative workshop returns on January 15th.  This also sells out! Relax and unwind tension from your body.  Leave feeling blissful!

And as always, this is winter and sometimes the weather doesn't allow us to run classes.  Remember to check the website for cancellations!

We all wish you a happy, healthy new year!