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Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials - Shoulders and Arms
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Structural Essentials: Shoulders and Arms with Meredith Stephens  
October 5-6, 2019

Instructor:  Meredith Stephens, MS, PT, LMT, BCSI
Cost - $350 (early registration through 9/6) $400 after 9/6

Credits:  14 CEs NCBTMB

Course Description:

The Structural Essential series is a set of intensive soft-tissue technique courses divided into functional regions. Combining movement and manual techniques for the most efficient and long-lasting results, and using the latest research on the interaction between skeleton, muscles, joints, and fascial proprioceptors, this series of workshops will take you to a new level in therapy.

Designed with the busy manual therapist in mind, each Structural Essentials event gives you a new understanding of the relevant area. The content will outline how the structural and functional anatomy relates to many common issues as well as to the rest of the body. Based on many new and established approaches this series will give you the skills in palpation, BodyReading and functional analysis needed for the modern multidisciplinary therapist.

PreRequisite: Must have attended the Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function Workshop

Shoulders and Arms

In this driving day and computer age, the arms get unique usage these days. This course travels from the shoulder to the hand on the Arm Lines, giving techniques for every station along the way.

These include:

  • Releases for each joint of the shoulder

  • Soft-tissue techniques for shoulder muscles

  • Elbow and upper arm muscle releases

  • Lower arm extensor, flexor, radial, and ulnar releases

  • Wrist and hand work

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation prior to 2 months refundable, less $100 admin fee; cancellations prior to 6
weeks 50% refund; cancellations 30 days prior or less, nonrefundable.

Arches and the Legs – 3 days
Fans of the Hip – 2 ½ days
Abdomen, Chest and Breath – 2 ½ days
Tensegrity Spine – 2 ½ days
Shoulders & Arms – 2 days
Head, Neck & Jaw – 2 days